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4.1 Run the script using AirtestIDE

If you use AirtestIDE to write scripts, the way to run the script is simple:


Click on AirtestIDE's Run Script button and the shortcut key is F5.

After clicking the Run Script button, the script will start executing. The real-time log will be refreshed in the log window. If you want to stop the script from running at this time, just click the Stop Script button in the middle of the above picture. And the shortcut key is Shift+F5. .

View the running results

After running the script, you can immediately see whether the current script succeeds or fails in the log window, but you cannot see more detailed and intuitive execution results.In AirtestIDE, you can click the third button View Report button in the above figure.The shortcut key is Ctrl+L, and after a while, the result report page will be opened automatically using the default browser:


Using python third-party libraries in AirtestIDE

If you want to run scripts in AirtestIDE and use other Python third-party libraries, or want to switch to Python2 environment to run scripts, first you should perform environment deployment of the local python, then add the path of local Python.exe in AirtestIDE settings. For details, please refer to IDE Configuration - python.