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Can't find the content you need among all these tutorials? Don't worry, we've made a collection of the most useful toturials in [Pack of Articles]. Check out if there's anything you need!

1.Official tutorials and documents:

1) Official tutorials: 2) Airtest API documents: 3) Poco API documents: 4) Airtest Official blog:

2.14-day Airtest Automated Testing Course for Beginners (Video)

1) Airtest Project and beginner's course overview: 2) Basic knowledge on software testing: 3) Introduction to AirtestIDE: 4) Connecting Android devices or emulators: 5) Connecting iOS devices: 6) Connecting Windows interface: 7) Write and run your first Airtest script: 8) Write and run your first Poco script: 9) Use airtest-selenium to run web automated testing: 10) Write/Run scripts without AirtestIDE: 11) Connecting Poco-SDK to unity games: 12) Case - Testing NetEase Cloud Music and crawl data from it: 13) Large-scale automated testing solutions for enterprise: 14) Ending:

3.Official sites:

1) Airtest Project: 2) Download AirtestIDE: 3) Airtest open source: 4) Poco open source: 5) Automated solution for enterprise - Private Cloud:

4.Contact us

1) Official Account: AirtestProject 2) Official group chat (QQ): 437119175 (full), 1017250147 (full), 654700783 (full), 117973773


3) Feedback website: (You can send any problems and bugs you find or your advice for Airtest here)

5.Common API introduction

1) Touch: 2) Swipe: 3) Text input: 4) Keyevent: 5) Assert:

6.Testing framework tutorials


1) A long beginner's guide for Airtest: 2) Airtest API introduction and examples (first half): 3) Airtest API introduction and examples (second half):


1) Locating element in Poco (3 selectors): 2) Use regular expression to match Poco widget: 3) Regular Poco API: 4) Common problems when connecting projects to Poco-SDK: 5) Multi Poco initialization tutorials: 6) Generate efficient and compatible script:


1) Using Airtest-selenium in IDE: 2) Regular Selenium API:

7.Basic knowledge

Coordinate related 1) Introduction to Airtest and Poco coordinate system (absolute coordinates and relative coordinates): Screenshot related 1) Screenshot recognition failure and improving screenshot script compatibility 01: 2) Screenshot recognition failure and improving screenshot script compatibility 02: 3) Airtest screenshot recognition algorithm: 4) New screenshot recognition algorithm (mstpl): ADB related 1) How to pack ADB with Airtest: AirtestIDE related 1) Useful techniques in AirtestIDE: Report related 1) Generate and export report: 2) Send reports to designated E-mail using script: 3) Generate and export reports using command line: 4) Customize Airtest report name: iOS automation 1) iOS automation case: 2) Clear iOS background apps (simulated): 3) Use tidevice to run automated tests on iOS without Mac: 4) iOS information acquisition case: 5) iOS exclusive API (Including processing pop-up window API): Windows automation 1) Windows automation case: 2) Problems when connecting IDE with Windows interface: 3) Using Python to simulate mouse and keyboard: Connecting devices 1) Device connection API: 2) Common problems when connecting Android emulator: 3) Emulator connection case: 4) Check port number of multiple emulators: Android WeChat mini program 1) Testing Android WeChat mini program (may become invaild after Wechat update):

8.Common problems and solutions

1) Pocoservice frequent reboot: 2) Touch does not take effect: 3) Airtest and Poco API that can be confusing: 4) Python import guide: 5) Record videos for running scripts: 6) Yosemite related issues: 7) IDE Android Helper: 8) Simulated swipe unlock, multi finger swipe, etc.: 9) Partial screenshot and partial image search: 10) Differences between .air script and .py script: 11) Common problems when writing Airtest script using Pycharm: 12) Can't see the UI element tree in Poco mode: 13) Deleting content in the input box: 14) Android device connection issues: 15) 8 common problems (session 1): 16) 8 common problems (session 2): 17) 8 common problems (session 3): 18) 8 common problems (session 4): 19) Airtest quick Q&A (session 1): 20) Airtest quick Q&A (session 2):

9.Advanced guide

1) Automated testing text recognition: 2) Batch run Airtest scripts: 3) Multi device cooperation case: 4) Pack project and connect to PocoSDK: 5) Efficiency increase for traversing UI element tree: 6) How to modify Airtest source code: 7) Rerun case using decorators: 8) Use multithreading to input code during packing: 9) Simulate complicated swipe/multi finger operations: 10) Use launcher to and customized command line arguments: 11) Use launcher to add customized variable: 12) Data sepeartion examples in Poco automated testing: 13) Cases of the combination of Poco and Excel reading and writing: 14) Use plugins to customize reports:

10.Automated testing cases (script included)

1) Automated login and logout for apps: 2) Loop script cases: 3) Cases of calling other scripts: 4) Cases of using Airtest to do Python: