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X. Batch Execution in AirtestIDE Enterprise

!!! Warning "Note" Currently, only the community version of AirtestIDE is available for free on the official website. The Enterprise version AirtestIDE mentioned in this article is only available to enterprise users using the Private Cloud Solution.

As an excellent integrated development tool for automated testing, AirtestIDE provides a one-stop automated testing solution for app and game developers. With AirtestIDE, users can directly connect to their mobile phones, quickly generate, debug, and run automated testing scripts, and obtain test reports with just one click. Since its release at GDC in March 2018, the development team has been constantly working to improve its capabilities and provide users with more possibilities for use in different scenarios.

1.Batch Testing

In daily practice, many users encounter difficulties when running a large number of test cases locally. For example, the existing tools cannot directly use local devices to run test scripts in batches, or they cannot generate a summary report with one click after running scripts in batches. Some users have developed their own method of locally running batch scripts independently of AirtestIDE. However, more students still hope for a more convenient and efficient solution for running batch scripts.

2.Function Introduction

The development team has integrated a universal solution for batch script execution in the Enterprise version of AirtestIDE (currently only available to enterprise users using the private cloud solution). With AirtestIDE Enterprise, users can easily launch local batch automation testing with just one click, and an integrated test report is provided. There are two main target scenarios for the batch script execution feature:

  • Functional regression testing: Each script only needs to be run once to ensure all scripts are executed.
  • Local compatibility testing: Each test script needs to be run once on all phones to ensure that all scripts undergo compatibility testing.

To use the batch execution function, you need to select the folder where the test scripts are located and select the device connected to the local computer (or the remote device pool, see the "private cluster solution" for details). Then you can start the corresponding batch test with just one click on the AirtestIDE interface. select_device_zh During runtime, AirtestIDE will automatically schedule the execution of script tasks and monitor the real-time execution status of individual scripts. 3-运行调度+实时监控运行状态 - 副本 After the execution is completed, you can open the test report of this batch run with one click: 4-测试报告总览 - 副本 If not all scripts have been executed successfully, you can re-enter the batch execution interface and select "Continue Execution" to retest the failed scripts. continue_zh

3.Actual Effect

The following figure shows the process of batch running 6 automation test scripts using 10 local devices: 多机批量运行视频-运行部分 After the completion of the execution, the test report can be generated with just one click. 多机批量运行视频-报告部分

4.Extended Content

The batch execution feature of the AirtestIDE Enterprise enables a local compatibility and functional testing at very low cost and application to more fields (such as batch web scraping). The development team will further enrich the functionality based on local device clusters, such as small-scale group control display, manual batch control, etc., to make automated testing more accessible and effortless.