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Welcome to the official documentation of AirtestProject

AirtestProject project brief

AirtestProject is an automated testing framework launched by Netease Games. The project consists of the following:

  • Airtest: It is a cross-platform UI automated testing framework based on image identification.And it is suitable for games and apps, and the supported platforms are Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Poco: It is an automated testing framework based on UI control recognition. Currently it supports Unity3D/cocos2dx-/Android native app/iOS native app/WeChat applet. In other engines you can also use poco by accessing poco-sdk.
  • AirtestIDE: It is a cross-platform UI automated testing editor,and it has built-in plug-in functions for Airtest and Poco, which allow you to quickly and easily write 'Airtest' and 'Poco' code.
  • AirLab: Real machine automated cloud test platform, it currently provides TOP100 mobile phone compatibility test, overseas cloud real machine compatibility test and other services, please visit the official website to learn more.
  • Private mobile cluster technology solutions: from hardware to software, it provides a private mobile cluster solution for inner-enterprise , welcome to know more

How to get started

Our project is based on the Python language, so all the scripts written are Python code. It is recommended to learn the basic grammar of Python before using it.

For the first time users, you can read 5 minutes to get started with the automated test -- Airtest and Poco quick start in our quick start series tutorial and get a visual understanding of the whole project.

At the same time, we provide a series of tutorials for various usage scenarios and platforms, so that you can quickly and easily familiarize yourself with this project:

When writing automated scripts, you can quickly script with the AirtestIDE editor we provide:

Our automation scripts, as well as Airtest and Poco, are Python-based, so you can also write scripts using your favorite Python editor.

Encounter problems

Usually, the most common problem may be the connection problem of the Android phone. Please refer to the Android Connection FAQ page to set the relevant settings for the phone.

If you encounter a flashback or an error, you can check Flashback and Error

About this document

If you need to query the use of the API during the writing of the script code, you can access Airtest and Poco documentation page for the project.

In addition to providing instructions for using AirtestIDE, AirtestIDE's uasge documentation also provides a wealth of supplements for everyone to read.

In the Common Script Logic and Code Examples, we provide some of the most common problem solving and code examples. If there are more cases to add, welcome to submit a new issue on the github page.