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4.4 Run scripts in batches

After the scripting is complete, AirtestIDE allows us to run a single script to verify the results at a time, but if we need to run multiple scripts on multiple phones at the same time, that is, complete the batch execution of automated tests, AirtestIDE can't meet our needs.

At present, you can implete running scripts in batches by the method of using commond line to run the mobile phones. For example, in Windows system, the easiest way is to directly write multiple bat scripts to start the command line to run the Airtest script.If you are interested, you can also implement the method,such as task scheduling, multi-threaded operation to run the script.
Please note that if you want to run multiple scripts at the same time, try to run in a local Python environment and avoid using AirtestIDE to run scripts.

We have officially launched the cloud test platform. Currently, this platform is in a small trial phase, and the project address is here.