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3.4 Picture editor

AirtestIDE not only provides the recording screenshot function, but also provides parameter settings for image matching, including: matching threshold, operating position, rgb three-channel matching. Parameter changes can be made for each screenshot.

1. Open the editor:

You can double-click on the image in the script editing area and the picture editor will pop up. After the modification, you need to click the OK button to implement the modification, and the Cancel button is to abandon the modification.

2. Screenshot preview function:

We provide a function to preview the matching rate of the screenshot on the current screen. After clicking the Snapshot Recognition button in the photo editor, the system will capture the current screen of the mobile phone and perform a recognition. If the recognition is successful, the system marks the identification area on the screenshot.And this makes it easy to debug the screenshots.


At the same time, click the right mouse button in the screenshot display area, and then a right-click menu will pop up. In this menu, you can choose to take a screenshot of the mobile device again, or specify a certain type of algorithm to identify and do other operations.

3. Parameter modification instructions:


At present, in the image recognition, each time the recognition is made, as long as the credibility of the recognition result is greater than the threshold value , it is considered that the recognition is passed. If the wrong position is recognized, the accuracy can be adjusted by adjusting threshold.

  • threshold(Float)

    Set the threshold for image matching, the range is [0.0, 1.0], and the default is 0.7

  • target_pos(Integer)

    Set the operation position on the matching result image, the marker point is 1-9, the default is 5


  • rgb(bool)

    Whether to use rgb three channels when calculating the credibility of the recognition result, the default setting is False (that is, using gray image for credibility calculation).