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Introduction main interface interaction

1. Introduction to the main interface of AirtestIDE


The main interface of AirtestIDE consists of a menu bar, a shortcut toolbar, and multiple Dock windows. It should be noted that the "device window" in the initial layout is the device connection interaction area of the tool.

In addition, in the drop-down menu "Help", we can jump to the Project Home Page/Help Document/issues Page/github Warehouse with one click.When you encounter problems with the tools, you can give priority to these places to seek solutions.

2. AirtestIDE's main interface interaction


AirtestIDE's main interface is composed of multiple dock windows,we can flexibly drag and drop layout according to our own development habits and actual needs. And we can also restore the internal layout to the default state by using the drop-down menu "Window" - "Restore Default Layout".

The layout information will be automatically saved when the software is closed. The previous layout record will automatically continue the next time you restart the software or download the new version of the software.