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Flashback and error

AirtestIDE operating system requirements

  • Windows
    • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64bit / 32bit)
    • Python 2.7 or higher version
  • macOS
    • macOS 10.12.1 or higher version
    • Python 2.7 or higher version
  • Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
    • Python 2.7 or higher version

If you encounter a flashback when you open AirtestIDE,please confirm that the system version is within the scope of support(If Mac system version is below 10.12.1,AirtestIDE can't run),Windows user can try to update the graphics card driver and try again.

What should we do if we encounter an AirtestIDE flashback or an abnormal problem

If the program reports an error during the use of AirtestIDE then flashes back,as long as your computer is connected to the Internet, you don't need to be too scared. Our error collection system will automatically send an error log.But if a flashback error occurs again and again, and you want to be able to provide us with more information (such as the wrong steps, more detailed system information, etc.), we would be very grateful!

Please follow the steps below to view the error message:

Start using the command line

  • Windows: Windows user needs to open the IDE folder,press Shift and the right mouse button to open the menu,select "Open command window here", then enter AirtestIDE.exe to start the IDE.
$ cd AirtestIDE
$ AirtestIDE.exe
  • Mac:
$ cd /Applications/
$ ./AirtestIDE

View error

After booting from the command line, MacOS user can instantly see the error log output by the terminal. While Windows user can view the log in the black terminal interface of the command line, like this:


Confirm current version

If you are running the script using a local Python environment, you should verify that the version numbers of Airtest and Pocoui are up to date. And you can use the following command to update the version:

pip install -U airtest
pip install -U pocoui

In the command line terminal, you can check the version number of the currently installed third-party library through pip list. When asking questions and reporting bugs,Providing the version numbers of the two libraries airtest and pocoui will be very useful for us.

If you are using AirtestIDE to run the script,please check the Official Website Download Page to see if the version number in the current Airtest IDE software title is up to date.

Some bugs have been fixed with the version update, and timely upgrade to the latest version can avoid many problems.

Search for similar issues

It’s a good idea to search for problems directly on the web. Many problems have been encountered and shared solutions,especially in the AirtestIDE issue, many problems have been solved.

If you want to submit a bug to the official

  • visit AirtestIDE issues,and new issue
  • You can choose to submit issues in Chinese/English.
  • Follow the prompts to describe your problem, the operation process, the phone device model used, the AirtestIDE version number, especially the error screenshots of the background window and AirtestIDE interface, as shown below:
  • Please provide a minimal script as much as possible to reproduce your problem and remove the unrelated content of the script code

An example of submitting an issue

Describe the problem:
After writing the script, click the run button, then prompt that the exists method is not defined.
Recurring step:
①write the script using the method on the left side of the IDE
②Click the run button
③Prompt the exists method is not defined
IDE version:
version 1.2.2
Phone model:
Android system version:
screenshot of log view window:
Note that you must cut out the last error part!
screenshot of the black window error message:
screenshot of error code:

How to effectively ask questions in the official QQ group

Please pay attention before asking questions

Before asking a question, please be sure to use the search engine to search for the problems you have encountered, and then confirm that the search does not have similar problems before you send the message.

When you ask questions in our official Airtest QQ group (1017250147 or 437119175), you need to follow the example above and describe in detail what kind of situation, what environment and what kind of problem that you have encountered.Please attach as many error pictures and error codes as possible(if privacy is not involved),and provide the simplest and most reproducible modern code, so that the administrators in the group can quickly locate your problem.

Don't just throw an error screenshot or just use a simple sentence to describe the problem, such as "My code can't run", which will lead to excessive communication costs.

How to view historical running log

  • Windows: file path: AirtestIDE/Default.log
  • Mac: file path: ~/Library/Application Support/AirtestIDE/Default.log

If you lose the log generated by the previous operation, you can also submit the latest error log at the end of the Default.log file to issue.