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AirtestIDE Installation and startup

Official website download address, please visit here

Windows user

  • Please download the corresponding zip package on the official website according to whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit version. Then you will get the AirtestIDE folder after extracting.
  • Double-click AirtestIDE/AirtestIDE.exe to start.
  • On some machines, it may not be able to start properly due to graphics card compatibility issues, or the script editing window cannot be edited.You can start by double-clicking on the CompatibilityMode.bat file in the directory.

MacOS user

  • After downloading AirtestIDE.dmg, double-click and extract, and drag into the application Application folder.
  • There may be a flashback problem when starting up for the first time.Start it again and you can use it normally.
  • If there is a flashback or abnormality in use, you can use the command line terminal to open the application:
    • Open the command line terminal and type $ cd /Applications to access the application folder.
    • Run the command $ ./ to Open AirtestIDE
    • If there is a flashback or error, the corresponding error log will be displayed in the terminal, please feedback to Github
  • If MacOS prompts the application to be from an unidentified developer and blocks the application from opening, you can refer to the steps on the Help Documentation of Apple's official website:
    • Hold down the Control button and click the application icon, then choose "Open" from the shortcut menu.

Ubuntu user

Currently only Ubuntu system version 16.04 is supported, and the plugin is not loaded. It is recommended that Linux users use Windows or MacOS to write scripts. Run the script on Linux using the command line.

Encounter problems?

Our official website documentation provides tutorials, FAQs, usage guides, etc. Welcome to visit :

  • Beginner's series tutorial:
  • If you have problems connecting to your phone, please visit here
  • Questions and bug feedback, please create an issue on this page with detailed description of the problem, error messages, related screenshots, etc., so that we can locate the problem.