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2.6 Appendix: Android device support list

There are thousands of Android device models on the market, including mobile phones, tablets, car computers, smart rearview mirrors, and so on.AirtestIDE will try its best to support more devices. Currently, compatibility tests have been conducted on 160+Android phones. Details are as follows:

Serial number Test model compatibility performance Remarks
1 Huawei Honor 3C(H30-L01) pass Low
2 Huawei Honor 4A(SCL-AL00) pass Low
3 Huawei Honor 4C(CHM-TL00) pass Low
4 Huawei Honor 6(H60-L01) pass Low
5 Huawei Honor 6 Plus(PE-TL10) pass Low
6 Huawei Honor 7(PLK-AL10) pass Medium
7 Huawei Honor 7i(ATH-AL00) pass Low
8 Huawei Honor3X(Play version)(G750-T01) pass Low
9 Huawei Honor Play4(G621-TL00) pass Low
10 Huawei Honor Play 4X(CHE-TL00H) pass Low
11 Huawei Honor Play 4X(CHE1-CL20) pass Low
12 Huawei Honor Play 5A(CAM-AL00) pass Low
13 Huawei Honor Play 5X(KIW-AL10) pass Low
14 Huawei Honor Play 5C(NEM-TL00H) pass Medium
15 Huawei Honor Play 6X(BLN-AL30) pass Medium
16 Huawei Changxiang 5(TIT-AL00) pass Low
17 Huawei Changxiang 5S(TAG-AL00) pass Low
18 Huawei Changxiang 6S(DIG-AL00) pass Low
19 Huawei Mate 7(MT7-CL00) pass Low
20 Huawei nova(CAZ-TL10) pass Medium
21 Huawei Mate S(CRR-UL00) pass Medium
22 Huawei Maimang 6(RNE-AL00) pass Medium
23 Huawei P7(P7-L07) pass Low
24 Huawei P8 High version(GRA-UL10) pass Medium
25 Huawei P8(GRA-TL00/Standard version) pass Medium
26 Huawei G7 Plus(RIO-TL00) pass Low
27 Huawei G9 Youth version(VNS-AL00) pass Low
28 Huawei P9(EVA-AL10) pass High
29 Huawei P9 Plus(VIE-AL10) pass High
30 Huawei P10(VTR-AL00) pass High
31 Huawei Mate8(NXT-AL10) pass High
32 Huawei Mate9(MHA-AL00) pass High
33 Huawei Mate9 Pro(LON-AL00) pass High
34 Huawei Mate10(ALP-AL00) pass High
35 Huawei Mate10 Pro(BLA-AL00) pass High
36 Huawei Honor8(FRD-AL00) pass High
37 Huawei Honor9(STF-AL10) pass High
38 Huawei HonorV8(KNT-AL10) pass High
39 Huawei HonorV9(DUK-AL20) pass High
40 Huawei HonorV10(BKL-AL20) pass High
41 Huawei nova2S(HWI-AL00) pass High
42 MI 2 pass Low
43 MI 2A pass Low
44 MI 2S(Standard version) pass Low
45 MI 3(Unicom version) pass Low
46 MI 3 Mobile version pass Low
47 MI 4(Mobile version/Low version) pass Medium
48 MI 4C(Standard version) pass Medium
49 Red Mi 1S Mobile version pass Low
50 Red Mi 1S(telecom 3G) pass Low
51 Red Mi 2(enhanced version) pass Low
52 Red Mi 2A pass Low
53 Red Mi 3 pass Low
54 Red Mi 3X pass Low HOME and other analog buttons are invalid
55 Red Mi 3S(High version) pass Low
56 Red Mi 4 pass Low
57 Red Mi 4A pass Low
58 Red Mi Note Standard version(Mobile 4G) pass Low
59 Red Mi Note enhanced version(Mobile 3G) pass Low
60 Red Mi Note(enhanced version/Unicom 4G) pass Low
61 Red Mi Note 3 All net version(High version) pass Medium
62 Red Mi Note 2 High version(Mobile version) pass Medium
63 MI Note(Standard version) pass Medium
64 Red Mi Note 4X pass Medium
65 MI Max pass Medium
66 MI tablet2 pass Medium
67 Red Mi Note 2(Mobile version) pass Medium
68 Red Mi Note 4(High version) pass Medium
69 MI 5C pass Medium HOME and other analog buttons are invalid
70 Red Mi Note 3 Double netcom(High version) pass Medium
71 MI 5(High version) pass High
72 MI Note Top-of-the-line version pass High
73 MI Note 3(Standard version) pass High
74 MI 5S(High version) pass High
75 MI 6 pass High
76 MI MIX pass High
77 MI MIX 2 pass High
78 OPPO A31(Mobile version) pass Low
79 OPPO A33 pass Low
80 OPPO A37 pass Low
81 OPPO A53(All net version) pass Low
82 OPPO A57 pass Low
83 OPPO A59 pass Low
84 OPPO A59s pass Low
85 OPPO R7(Mobile version) pass Low
86 OPPO R7s Mobile 4G pass Low
87 OPPO R1C(R8207/Mobile version) pass Low
88 OPPO 1107(Mobile version) pass Low
89 OPPO R9s Plus pass Medium
90 OPPO R9 Plus(All net version) pass Medium
91 OPPO R9s(R9s/All net version) pass Medium
92 OPPO R9(R9m/All net version) pass Medium
93 OPPO R11 pass High
94 OPPO R11 Plus pass High
95 OPPO R11s pass High
96 OPPO R11s Plus pass High
97 vivo Y23L pass Low
98 vivo Y27 pass Low
99 vivo Y31A pass Low
100 vivo Y33 pass Low
101 vivo Y37 pass Low
102 vivo V3 pass Low
103 vivo Y51A pass Low
104 vivo Y55A pass Low Analog button is invalid and Text error
105 vivo Y66 pass Low
106 vivo Y67 pass Low HOME and other analog buttons are invalid
107 vivo Xplay5(All net version) pass Medium
108 vivo X6S(All net version) pass Medium
109 vivo X7 pass Medium
110 vivo X7 Plus pass Medium
111 vivo X9(X9i) pass Medium HOME and other analog buttons are invalid
112 vivo X9 Plus pass Medium
113 vivo X9s pass Medium
114 vivo X9s Plus pass Medium
115 vivo Xplay5 flagship version pass High
116 vivo X20 pass High
117 vivo X20 Plus(Screen fingerprint version) pass High HOME and other analog buttons are invalid
118 Samsung Galaxy S3(GT-I9300) pass Low
119 Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9507V) pass Low
120 Samsung GalaxyS4(GT-I9508V) pass Low
121 Samsung Galaxy A5 2016(SM-A5108) pass Low
122 Samsung Galaxy J7 2016(SM-J7108) pass Low
123 Samsung Galaxy A8(SM-A8000) pass Low
124 Samsung Galaxy Note 3(SM-N9002) pass Low
125 Samsung Galaxy A9(SM-A9000) pass Medium
126 Samsung Galaxy Note 4(SM-N9109W) pass Medium
127 Samsung Galaxy S5(SM-G9008W) pass Medium Check use ADB orientation
128 Samsung Galaxy Note 5(SM-N9200) pass High
129 Samsung Galaxy Note 8(SM-N9500) pass High
130 Samsung Galaxy S6(SM-G9209) pass High
131 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge(SM-G9250) pass High
132 Samsung Galaxy S7(SM-G9308) pass High
133 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(SM-G9350) pass High
134 Samsung Galaxy S8(SM-G9500) pass High
135 Samsung Galaxy S8+(SM-G9550) pass High
136 Meizu MX4(mobile 4G) pass Low
137 Meizu noblue pass Low
138 Meizu noblue Note 2(M571C/telecom 4G) pass Low
139 Meizu MX5(mobile 4G) pass Medium
140 Meizu MX6 pass Medium
141 Meizu noblue Note 3 pass Medium
142 Meizu noblue Note 5 pass Medium
143 Meizu noblue Note 6 pass Medium
144 Meizu Pro 7 pass Medium
145 Meizu Pro 7 Plus pass High
146 GIONEE F100S(All net version) pass Low
147 GIONEE Jingang GN5001S(All net version) pass Low
148 GIONEE Jingang2(GN5005) pass Low
149 GIONEE F100(mobile 4G) pass Low
150 GIONEE F103 pass Low
151 GIONEE M6(GN8003) pass Medium
152 GIONEE S11 pass Medium
153 Moto MT887 pass Low
154 Moto Z2 Play(XT1710-08) pass Medium
155 Nokia 6(TA-1000/All net version) pass Low
156 Nubia Z11 mini(NX529J) pass Low
157 Coolpad Dashen F2(8675-FHD) pass Low
158 China Mobile A1(M623C) pass Low
159 360Chikool N4S(1505-A01) pass Medium
160 Letv Le1s(X500) pass Medium
161 Letv Le2(X620) pass Medium
162 one plus 5(A5000) pass High
163 Smartisan nut Pro 2(OS105) pass High
164 OPPO R15 pass High Input method is not available, poco is not available