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2.5 Window connection of Windows


Before embedding the window, first minimize other irrelevant windows, and keep only the AirtestIDE and the window to be tested active on the desktop.If the function of Windows Window One-Click Embedding is abnormal, such as the window is embedded and the click is invalid, or the software is given an error when embedding, please use the Windows Window No Embedded Connection scheme.

1. One-Click Embedding of Windows Window


  • Click the Select Window button and AirtestIDE will enter the window selection state.
  • As the mouse moves, there will be a green thin wire frame, and the real-time frame will select the window corresponding to the mouse position.
  • After the green frame is moved to the target window, click the left mouse button to complete the embedding.

In the state where the green box is displayed for window selection, click the keyboard's esc button or the right mouse button to exit the state.

If it is difficult to select the window to be tested, you can minimize the other unrelated software on the desktop, activate only the AirtestIDE and the window to be tested, and then connect, which can improve the accuracy.

2. No Embedded Connection of Windows Window

Many desktop softwares have different implementations, so there may be an exception after the one-click embedding of Windows window, such as a click failure after the window is embedded, or the software reports an error when embedding.

At this point, you can use the scheme- No Embedded Connection of Windows Window to try again. The steps are as follows:


  • Drop this menu "Setting"-"Option"-"Device"
  • Check Connect windows without embedding,as shown in the figure:


  • After saving the settings, perform the window connection operation again, that is, click the selected window button and use the green box to select the window to be tested. At this point, the window will not be embedded in the IDE and can be operated normally.
  • Click Window list selection and a list of current windows will pop up.
  • Select the target window and confirm the embedding. (Subsequently the game screen circle may need to be provided).

4. Script running in Windows mode

After connecting to the Windows window in AirtestIDE, the handle of this window will be used to run the script.This is,after clicking the Run Script button, the command line displayed in the Log window will display --device Windows:///a string of numbers.Once the windows window is closed, the handle after the restart will change, and the command line will change accordingly. If you need to use the command line to run the script, please refer to Use the command line to run the script - the device string in Run Script chapter.

5. Connection FAQ of Windows window


Windows mode is still in the process of improvement, any suggestions are welcome to new Issue.

5.1 Screenshot error occurred during dual screen recording

Set the home screen to the left screen and align the edges on both monitors in "Control Panel" - "Display" - "Screen Resolution":


5.2 Captured while recording

When recording a script manually,you can use a double-click to complete the picture selection after completing the picture area selection.

5.3 How to pop up the Windows window

  • Closing the IDE will pop up the window

  • Click on the shortcut button of the device window title bar, this window will be popped up


5.4 Windows window cannot be resized after embedding

Since the Windows window needs to record the resolution when the screenshot is taken, the size will be fixed after the window is embedded in the IDE and cannot be modified.If you think that the window is too large after embedding, you can adjust the window to the appropriate size before embedding.